an ear cleaner that will dry up all the gunk and leave his ears clean and sweet smelling!

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EarSolv will gently clean out all the wax and debris …….Guaranteed!

relief for itchy ears, 1 July 2013

As a breeder of spaniels, with their long ear fringing etc. they often get itchy ears. This is a great product to keep in your grooming box. So easy to use, pleasant smell, and it works! I highly recommend this product!

Mr. R. G. Stewart “scot reader” (Crowle, N. Lincs. U.K.)

Your dog’s ears need to be regularly monitored for his entire life especially if he is prone to developing dirty, waxy ears. He may be the type of best friend who loves to plunge into water, roll in mud …or worse.
He may also love to run through long grass picking up tiny insects in his fur and ears which if left alone could eventually irritate his skin and ears. Good and regular grooming of your dog should be built into your weekly care to keep him happy and healthy and regular checks and cleaning of his ears are essential.

OMG cleaned dogs ears applied n it works! Today 10 times better! Thank u


17-Jul-13 11:29

A small amount of our specially developed powder, EarSolv, will dry up and gently clean out all the wax and any little insects that he may have picked up on his travels, he will stop scratching at his ears and you will be amazed as to how quickly they return to their clean and problem free state.

The BEST stuff and BEST price for dogs ears nothing I’ve tried works better.
17-Jun-13 03:14

If your dog is a long coated dog then he may need to have the long hair inside his ears gently removed as this can trap excess wax. EarSolv is also great at enabling you to easily grip the long hairs before gently pulling them out a few strands at a time.


EarSolv is a fantastic product and we guarantee you will be delighted with it and so will your dog. If you click the testimonials section you will see why it is so popular!
EarSolv is so effective that we offer a no quibble 100% money back guarantee.
So what have you got to lose. Order today and your best friend will be so grateful.
Lets face it, he deserves it!

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